** Papaya Salad (Som Tom)........$ 7.95

      Fresh shredded green papaya mixed with lime juice, chili pepper, tomato, green bean, carrot, and peanut.

  ** Grilled Steak Salad......$ 8.95

      Thinly sliced grilled New York sirloin steak with spicy chili powder, lime juice, rice powder, mixed Thai herbs, red onion, spring onion,  

       and mint.

 **  Larb Gai / Tofu.........$ 7.95

      Spicy chopped cooked chicken or tofu made with Thai herbs, fresh lime juice, red onion, chili powder, spring onion, and mint.

 **  Glass Noodle Salad.......$ 7.95

      Spicy bean thread with lime juice, chili pepper, chicken, shrimp, red onion, spring onion, tomato, celery, peanut, and mint.