About US

It start  from the east, Thailand

Rice is a daily staple for the Thai people. It is eaten with most meals from breakfast. The important of rice is immeasurable and undeniable. Jasmine rice  has ben grown in the mountain highland of Thailand for centuries and was first cultivated for the royalty of the kingdom of Siam.

And so, in tribute, we have named this Thai Restaurant"Ruang Khao"- Thais call the raw, unharvested rice plant.


Here at Ruang Khao, you will find authentic Thai food cooked with high quality, fresh ingredients. We do not use MSG, and food is expertly prepared with pride and care by the Chef, Ms. Mayura "Jim" from Thailand.


We opened in 2015 on the heart of local business, Bonifant street, in Downtown Silver Spring.  Hope to see you here!